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(PC09) Noistruct - The Transgressor Expanded: Volume 1

by Protocore Records

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(PC09) The Transgressor Expanded: Volume 1

Noistruct is proud to present the first volume in an absolutely massive series of paid digital albums and EPs that collect remixes, reworks, remakes and reimaginings of the original tracks from the successful 2016 album "The Transgressor".

Over the next few months. Protocore Records will release a different volume or multiple volumes periodically of these works from a variety of producers and artists from around the world. From regular contributors to ENDE Records. To friends, inspirations, colleagues and contributors to the Australian and worldwide breakcore and hardcore scenes!. To pioneering and influential musicians, producers and artists from over the last 30 years.

To bands of different styles and genres doing their own unique take on these tracks. To friends, former colleagues and inspiring musicians from his home city of Perth and that he's met in his travels around Australia while contributing to it's underground electronic scenes for the past 23 years!!.

Also included is a series of very different remixes and remakes of a much darker, more industrial and downtempo offering in the "In Dub" series with Volume 1 available soon!

Also included over the next few months will be a compilation of VIP remixes by Noistruct and a collection of b-sides, out-takes, demos and rough recordings that either became assimilated into "The Transgressor" or were left out at the time due to space and...not wanting to overload the already over two hour album hahaha! These will also include some previously unfinished tracks that have been completed for the first time ever!!

Many of these remixes featured within and to come will also be featured on a series of 12" single releases on Protocore/ENDE Records in 2022, 2023 and 2024!!

The entire series was originally planned to be released at the same time in 2022 alongside a remastered digital version of the original album "The Transgressor" and limited edition vinyl copies of the remastered album...however.

Due to a change of circumstances. The first volume is being released RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

I mean why wait? This shit is too good to sit on and there's HEAPS MORE TO COME!!!

So strap in and prepare thyself. This is literally the biggest project undertaken by Noistruct and ENDE Records EVER!


All Or Nothing (Mick Harris Remake)
Hedonist Puts Me In My Place (Wolf Head Rmx)
Satanomasochism (Roly Skender Rmx)
Loathe (Krobatt Rmx)
Agonist (Production Unit Xero Rmx)
Dawn Of The Dawns (Psykoxxx's Gentle Rmx)
Social Submission And Servitude (Erohypnos Rmx)
The Transgressor (CDR Rmx)
Crystal Meth Killed The Amphetamine Star (Ohmega Sir Rmx)
Nycto (Aaron Spectre Rmx)
All Or Nothing (Dark Matter Project Rmx)
Seeds Of Dissent (Hyperdriver Rmx)
Morocity (Snuff Wagon Rmx)
Seeds Of Dissent (Xylocaine Rmx)
Compassion Fatigue (Rognvald Rmx)
The Transgressor (3 Past 3 Rmx)
Dawn Of the Dawns (The First Seed Rmx)
The Antagonist (Company Fuck Rmx)
Dopehead (Deli Swim Club Rmx)
Hedonist Puts Me In My Place (Gnomo Rmx)
PTSD (Wake Forld Rmx)
Dark Hearts (Mister Nobody Rmx)
Social Submission And Servitude (Producer Snafu Rmx)
Hypertrophy (Ruxton Rmx)
Crystal Meth Killed The Amphetamine Star (Souls In Kaos Rmx)
Tomb Mother (Misan7hrope Rmx)
Dopehead (Cr1mem1n1ster Rmx)
Social Submission And Servitude (Farmercyst FHP Rmx)
The Transgressor (Low Entropy Rmx)
Peon (Ghostsoul Rmx)


Coming Soon in 2022!!

STILL TO COME remixes and reworks by Enja Bergman, Raxyor, Emma Catnip, Loffciamcore, Submerged, Gina V. Dorio, AR307, 2nd Gen, Laxenanchaos, Splinter Cell, Din-ST, Parasitik, Renegade Android, Bomb20, Enduser, Kurrupt, Namshub Of Enki, Anti-Kati, Arkon, Maddest Kings Alive, Matheus, Somatic Responses, Ghostsoul, Sea Melt, Maraud, Torturing Nurse, Luke Lund, Istari Lasterfahrer, Monster Zoku Onsomb, Hellcreator, Tanja Visosevic, Angie Reed, Raygun Mortlock, David Prescott-Steed, James F, Beytah, Torturing Nurse, Neil Lar, DJ Tetsuo Punk Terror, Khan, Tusk Mite, Tzii, Aniselektor, Chris Cobilis, Dark Apostle, Envelope Muse, Fractal Supremacy, Nocore, Etdevagina, DJ R3v3r3nd Murd3r, Q24, Subbase, DJ Xzillian,1st Mid-C, Feutuslapdance, Rodrigo, Monad, Famine, Dislasystem, Mega Doll, Michael T. Roper, Mindkontrolultra, DJ Skein, Insect Deli, Maladroit, ATDT, Bloodclot, Catdog, Hypercycle, Unsoundbwoy, Le Crabe and more to tba!!


Mick Harris - Napalm Death/Painkiller//Scorn/Lull/Quoit/Monrella/Clang/The Weakener to name just a few
(OHM Resistance)

Mick Harris is a pioneer and giant in dark and heavy electronic music as well as being the Godfather of Grindcore and one of the fastest drummers alive. his name is synonymous with some of the greatest electronic albums ever made. Noistruct is thrilled to have one of his first influences remix for him and this marks his first ever appearance on ENDE Records and hopefully the first of more to come..

Wolf Head - Sehbek/Black Pope Geometry

Wolf Head is a new Australian breakcore producer who comes to us after years in the hardcore scene. Now producing as Wolf Head with some of the most unique and bombastic music around currently.

Roly Skender

Roly Skender is a former member of Skender and has been a well known presence in Perth's underground electronic experimental scene for more than 20 years.

Krobatt (Feed Me Glass Records/ENDE Records)



Krobatt is a longtime supporter and contributor to ENDE Records and over 10 years ago started his very own label Feed me Glass Records. His style of breakcore/hardcore/hip hip hop/drum n bass hybrids is instantly recognisable.

Production Unit Xero (ENDE Records/Heteredox Recordings)

US experimental/IDM/breakcore acid squelcher Production Unit Xero is no stranger to ENDE Records and has built a reputation for live assembled experimental performances across America.

Psykoxxx (ENDE Records/formerly Paris Zombie Netlabel)

Psykoxxx is a project by Fab Wycz also known as Batard Tronique. Once the head of French label Paris Zombie Netlabel he recently finished it up last year to concentrate further on his own projects which take inspiration from his love of hardcore techno, trap music and hip hop.

Erohypnos (Sonicterror Recordings/ENDE Records/Legs Akimbo/Sunhole Records)


Erohypnos is a UK breakcore producer who is among the most prolific over the last 6 years. A refugee of the local metal scene there and a larrakin of bad taste, good cinematic breakcore and witchhouse. A few years ago he started his own Sunhole Records and has released a variety of amazing local and international artists including ENDE Records Dark Matter Project and Enja Bergman.

CDR (ENDE Records/CDR Music)



CDR is one of the most recognisable names in Japanese breakcore. having been a steady contributor since the early 2000s. He is a monster of self releasing and a passionate advocate of the original heavy and distorted breakcore sound.

Ohmega Sir (ENDE Records/Out From Out There Records/Chelicerate)



Ohmega Sir is without a doubt one of the finest breakcore producers to emerge from the 2010s UK breakcore scene. With production and style that is jaw dropping. Moving further into IDM tinged flashcore in the past few years he has recently moved into his own vinyl releases on Out From Out There Records.

Aaron Spectre - Drumcorps/Air Inspector (Ad Noiseam/Death$ucker Records/Jahmoni Music)

Abosolutely gobsmacked and humbled to have a remix from the one and only Aaron Spectre aka Drumcorps. With Grist being one of Noistruct's biggest inspirations of the 2000s. It was a massive coup to enlist the remix services of one of the most easy going and professional breakcore destroyers on the planet.

Dark Matter Project - The Filth



Drawing inspiration from the giants of drum n bass and jungle and the works of producers like Christoph De Babalon and Beat Rapist as well as Lustmord, Final and Tech Itch. ENDE Records mainstay Dark Matter Project is one of the best junglists around today. A style of kaiju sized building destroying doom tempo jungle and broken beat brilliance.

Hyperdriver - Hyperex Machina/Hypergrinder (ENDE Records/Beergut Recordings/D-Trash)

Hyperdriver needs no introduction. He's just a noisy loud bastard who has been smashing old school noise heavy breakcore since the late 90s and you wouldn't think is the same guy posting about his vege garden. Releases all over the shop and shows alongside some of the finest producers in the world.



Snuff Wagon (ENDE Records)

Snuff Wagon is a 4 piece old school digital hardcore/abstract hip hop influenced breakcore producer supergroup where 4 of the best uk contributors join forces to create something very new and very interesting. Their debut to be released on ENDE Records is imminent.

Xylocaine - Nasenbluten/Data/Exmah/Xylofunt etc (Deadgirl/Bloody Fist/Strike Records/TNI/Evil Eye Recordings)

The best Australian hardcore producer bar none. Xylocaine is one of the pioneers of the Australian breakcore and hardcore sound and one of the most prolific producers still going to this day. A massive influence on Noistruct and many in the Australian and international scene. ENDE Records was lucky to get a set from him for the AFTER MIDNIGHT podcast festival in 2020 after being the first label outside Deadgirl to release Exmah.


Rognvald (Love Love Records)

Rognvald is Richard WIlson a long serving contributor to the UK breakcore scene with an old school drill n bass inspired style that has seen some truly mindblowing releases. A mainstay of UK label Love Love Records which have been great supporters of ENDE Records for over 5 years.


3 Past 3 (ENDE Records/Mlempfree/Legs Akimbo)

ENDE Records fortunate son of breakcore and jungle. From the bedrooms and tanks of the Netherlands to one of the most respected junglist producers in the underground European breakcore/hardcore scene. He started with ENDE and Legs Akimbo and in 2022 he will finish with us as well. Mastermind behind the project Wouter Asseldonk has decided to fold the project in favour of new directions. This marks his first remix for Noistruct and one of his final appearances at ENDE Records.



The First Seed (D-Trash Records)

The First Seed is another breakcore/digigrind outfit from Canada with a slew of releases on D-Trash Records. Recently featured in the Canadian breakcore documentary "Break It Down"



Company Fuck (BRK/God Rekidz)

Company Fuck is Australian Scott Sinclair a human mashcore track who's perfomances are beyond expressive of his love for noise and breakcore.


Delhi Swim Club

Delhi Swim Club is a US noise producer living and working in South Korea. He has previously released on The dark Thursday

Gnomo (ENDE Records/Incordia Netlabel)

Gnomo is a breakcore producer who although not new has not many releases to date. He will soon release on ENDE Records in 2022.

Wake Forld (ENDE Records)

Wake Forld is a phenomenal breakcore and flashcore drill style producer with a love of metal infused dark electronics.

Mister Nobody (ENDE Records)

Mister Nobody aka Jonatan Rastas is a brilliant ragga jungle and breakbeat smashing producer. With a few releases on ENDE Records including the anthemic "2 Songs To Punch Nazis To"



Producer Snafu (TNI/God Rekidz/Chase Records)

Although a master of dark and heavy breakcore. Producer Snafu aka Benjamin Pena is the sweetheart of the scene. An infectiously upbeat and positive thinking producer with a love of old school IDM and chiptune. His attitude and optimism has made him a top choice for remixing by many producers in the last decade alone. First cutting his teeth on French web label Chase Records in 2005 alongside Noistruct. He's been an inspiration and respected colleague for many years. This marks his first ever Noistruct remix and his first ever appearance for ENDE Records.



Ruxton is a hip hop, drum n bass and industrial hardcore and gabber producer from Perth Western Australia.


Souls In Kaos (ENDE Records)

Souls in Kaos are an Australian Frenchcore duo who have been around for almost 5 years now.

Mostly playing around Brisbane hardcore parties, they have played with a wide variety of Aussie and International hardcore acts including I:gor at Hardcore Island in 2019.

Matty Wecker one half of SIK has been an ardent fan of ENDE Records and was once known as Spinecode with some searing releases on Melbourne web label Night Terror Recordings among others

They recently had a track on the "No Limitz" compilation on Frenchkickz Records


Misan7hrope (ENDE Records)

Misan7hrope is a new European breakcore producer with a dark and heavy old darkstep style. he will release on ENDE Records in 2022.

Cr1mem1n1ster (SEUA Digital)

Cr1mem1n1ster is another cheerfully upbeat and positive individual who also just happens to make some stunningly fucked up noisy hardcore and breakcore. He recently released his first EP for ENDE Records and has contributed to compilations on Belgian label SEUA Digital.


Farmercyst (FHP)

Farmercyst is a hardcore and breakcore producer from Newcastle Australia.. Affiliated with Sydney hardcore crew FHP.

Low Entropy (ENDE Records/Doomcore Records/Praxis Records)

Breakcore, Doomcore Pioneer and old school hardcore legend Low Entropy needs no introduction. With over 20 years in the worldwide scene he has influenced countless producers and released seminal records on labels such as Kougai, Widerstand, Praxis and Black Monolith as well as reknown web labels in later years such as ENDE Records, Legs Akimbo and Viral Conspiracy. Low Entropy produced an original set of doomcore and hardcore for the final day of AFTER MIDNIGHT 4.


Ghostsoul (Uncomfortable Beats)

Ghostsoul is acclaimed electronic music producer and engineer Robert Healey. Cutting his teeth in Perth's electronic music scene alongside longtime friend Noistruct and moving to Melbourne in the early 2000s and joining another Perth friend Able8 at Uncomfortable Records. Ghostsoul has played countless shows with Noistruct and was one of the first collaborators and OFFICIALLY the first to ever remix him so was a no brainer to get him back for this! All the way back in 2001. His drum n bass is very low end bass heavy and combines his love for that and bass music.

He now runs his own sound engineering studio in Melbourne where he sometimes masters for ENDE Records and many in the Melbourne music scene. He has also made film scores and music for the ABCTV Network.


Remastered digital sale version available in 2022!

Original 2016 version available 100% free at ENDE Records at the link below:



released November 10, 2021

Compilation series compiled by Boris Otterdam at ENDE Studios Kingscliff NSW, The Blue House Rainbow Bay QLD and The Shop Studios Perth Western Australia between August 2019 and November 2021.

Cover art by Anthony "Krobatt" Boobier

Original concept devised by Uda (RIP) and Boris Otterdam in August 2019 in Perth Western Australia with suggestions by Ras Edward (RIP) at Coma Recordz, S. Von Moogen, Scott Dryman and James S. Doyle.

All remixes and reworks copyright the respective artists. All permissions verified and registered and all relevant documentation kept at the offices of ENDE Records Australia.


all rights reserved



Protocore Records Perth, Australia

PROTOCORE RECORDS is the paid release sub-label of Australian label ENDE Records. Launched in April 2021. It caters only to the original dark and heavy breakcore and dark breakbeat sound. In the tradition of signature pioneering labels such as Low Res (USA), Zhark International (UK) and eps666 (Australia) ALL ARTISTS SET THEIR OWN PRICES
email: thisistheende@gmail.com
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